Scarlet&Scourge Wrath of the Righteous

Armasse is coming!

The excitement has been building for the past few weeks in Kenabres, the festival of Armasse is soon to be upon us.

Originally, Armasse, was intended as a day for scholars and priests to gather and study the lessons of history and wars past. Since Aroden’s death, this day has been used more to train commoners, choose squires, ordain new priests, and more recently act as a day of festivities with jousting competitions, mock duels, reenactments of old battles, and other entertainments.

The festival is particularly anticipated in Kenabres, as it is a very effective distraction from the horrors of the front lines of the ongoing Fourth Crusade against the demons of the Worldwound. Faces normally marred by downcast eyes, and furrowed brows, can be seen with smiles and joy. Morale hasn’t been quite this good in a long time.

The celebration will be held citywide, but most of the events will take place at Clydwell Plaza, which is just west of the Cathedral. It is here where you find yourself, lucky enough to have found some of the better spots to observe the opening ceremonies at noon.


((Take some time to get to introduce yourselves and get to know one another a little better. Do some impromptu RP, the ceremony will begin soon, and the city is lively; but theres plenty of time before the fireworks start.))

Armasse is coming!

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